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Are you ready to critique mother nature with the same passion you feel for movies, music, books, television, and video games? Haven't animals had it a little too easy for a little too long? Ranking the Kingdom is an attempt to review animals and finally decide once and for all who deserves to be on top. And while the host will give a score at the end of each episode, it's up to all of us to truly decide what the most badass, high-class, top brass, karate-kickin', take-no-names', no-nonsense, no-prisoners, nonstick, easy-glide animal out there is! Are you ready to decide?
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Dec 19, 2016

In our latest episode of Ranking the Kingdom we learn just how unlucky the number 13 really is.

This latest episode was delayed due to computer errors, but Ranking the Kingdom is back in full force this week with our 13th animal review: The Crow. This is an episode brimming with coolness. Overflowing, even. We have vast armies of raven species ready to join the fight, a man with a conversational understanding of the Crow language, and masked scientists putting bracelets on birds in the name of progress! And that's only the tip of the iceberg. The genus Corvus gets a dressing down this time around, but you may be surprised at just how well these birds would do in the Animal War on War Apocalypse. Listen in to see how they fare.

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Episode Guide:

 (0:00 - 5:16) - Intro: Head-to-Heads, Schedule, Ranking.

 (5:29 - 14:44) - Unsorted Facts: Forty-Five, Averages, Wikipedia. 

 (14:44 - 26:25) - Instinct/ Evolution: Smart, Masks, Wolves

 (26:35 - 31:57) - Offense/ Defense: Lambs, Claws, Mobs.

 (32:07 - 43:33) - Society/ Resourcefulness: Thieves, Playing, Language.

 (43:43 - 53:58) - Legacy/ Future: Murder, Hitchcock,

 (54:08 - 1:08:25) - The Ranking: In which the Crow is weighed, measured, and not found wanting.


(Common Raven Map),_transparent_background.png

(Bird face)

(Which is which?)

(Smart water displacement stuff)

(Ravens stealing wolf food)

(It's possible the birds thought the scientists were serial killers)

(NOTE: THIS IS NOT A BABY CROW. I was wrong about this being a baby crow, see below for a picture of a real baby crow, followed by an adolescent crow. The above bird is a Corn Crake chick, whatever the heck that is.)

(A Real Baby Crow... Not as Flattering)

(24 Day Old Crow. Reasonably Cute.)

(A murder of crows. Or flock.)



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